I consider myself first and foremost an artist, then educator and inspirer. The mediums I like to work in are watercolour, watercolour crayon, acrylic, graphite/coloured pencils, ink and conte’ crayon. I also enjoy mixed media.


I have a collection of my personal “quoems" that have become a part of some of my works of art.


I have always been an inquisitive and conscious thinker; and my style of art has often been described as “surrealism.” Similarly, I have always had an eye for the male and female genitalia; and see it in every aspect of life and want to express their beauty in my art. I have discovered through the journey of my art, that I am a conscious | erotic artist. My consciousness is the self-awareness of my meta-cognitive thoughts expressed in my art and the soft erotic theme is how I visualize the beauty of the male and female genitalia.

The inspiration behind my work, stems from my desire and passion to show the beauty of the male and female genitalia. I see the male as one who plants the "seed," while it is the female (woman) who "blossoms" with this extension of beauty.

I'm a consummate thinker, a lover of nature and a connoisseur of fine cuisine; so I seek to combine these elements when I create my art, infusing them with a play on words.

I received my B.S. in Art Education from Florida A&M University and both my M.A. & Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, College Park in Curriculum and Instruction-Specializing in Art Education. My expertise is in art/design.

I don't think of my style of art as a niche; I rather think of myself as a niche...I'm an artist...where I create is a place...what I create becomes a mast'her'piece for the eye to see. Just as my art has evolved over the years, so too has my signature. Like the butterfly which is a close representation of the change one goes through in life; what emerges is a beautiful being...S'atteirneh



"Artwork © S'atteirneh"

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