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The HeArt of an Elephant

The heart of an elephant…as bold as any font. Lest we forget…she does not forget. Her trunk...truncated, tusks exploited...obliterated. Ivory I see…not for you or me. Painted in grey...continent ears that sway…like the wings on birds of prey; I pray she’s not hunted down this way. Palm leaves speak of triumph, peace, and victories...but greed only brings her to her knees. The heart knows what It wants; but the rich and arrogant...knows not the HeArt...of an elephant.



iStroke_ self portrait



Not my left, but my right, what an eyesight;

My hand is weak, I feel the numbness down to my feet; Paralyzing me with neuropathy; my mind can’t conceive what’s happening to me; As my body gives in to defeat, the tone and spasticity get the best of me; The curl in my toes, muscle movement uncontrollable; not inconsolable; Yet I can’t get enough of this clonus; it fascinates me; Spasms like orgasms; Stop...Repeat.


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